SharePoint HR & People Apps

  • Real HCM provide a suite of SharePoint HR, LMS and Recruitment & Onboarding apps designed to work alongside Office 365.
  • Businesses are moving away from having many disparate systems that more than often, don’t talk to each other. By using SharePoint and Office 365 to provide a ‘one view’ approach, business leaders, line managers and employees can get quick access to what they need, all in one place.
  • Having key business processes as part of a wider intranet also provides a ‘go-to’, meaning that employees are driven to one place to access the things that really matter to them. Like booking a holiday, or making an expense claim or completing a learning task.
  • SharePoint HRMS and HRMS for Office 365 is becoming a popular choice for small, medium and larger businesses.

What is HRMS for SharePoint?

Human Resources (HR) software – exists to help HR managers and department heads manage employees and employee data. Typical functionality includes self-service to enable employees to update their own employee record and book holidays, and make expense claims through to raising an absence record and commenting on their appraisals. HRMS for SharePoint also provides the capability for HR managers to report, track and spot problem areas such as trends around absence. Line managers and department heads also benefit from the ability to approve and manage the sign-off process for holiday bookings and expense claims etc.

SharePoint /SharePoint Online can be used to provide HR process functionality where users log into SharePoint /SharePoint Online (SharePoint Online is provided as part of Office 365) to access all their HR related processes and forms.