Real HCM On-Premise

Recruitment Management Module

An End-To-End  recruitment solution which makes the recruitment process simple to administer and manager with streamlined processes including external vendor interface.

Recruitment Management module helps to enhance the hiring process by making it transparent, paperless and process oriented by systematically organizing the entire recruitment processes. Real HCM provides a powerful, effective and efficient recruitment platform for users to reach quality candidates in the resume database fast and accurately. Recruitment management system helps to contour the recruitment processes and effectively managing the ROI on recruitment. With just a click, Candidates, Recruiters and Managers all involved in the recruitment process gain real time visibility and can take action on any critical step from source to hire.

Recruitment Dashboard

Real HCM recruitment dashboard helps organisation to track all open positions, hiring stage graph and a Hiring grid which gives a clear picture on the open positions and stage wise tracking of employees profile.

Job Posting

Real HCM Recruitment can help organisation’s post their job openings on company website. Aspiring candidates can directly apply for job openings from the website which will be logged onto RealHCM as an Application request.

Resume Databank

Receive and manage applicants instantly, and save them in the database. Categorize all resumes based on your preferences. Our Various Search parameters help in finding the right candidate at your fingertips.

Interview Stages

Create various interview stages. Assign Employee Candidature to multiple people within your organization. These schedules are mailed automatically to applicants and Reporting Heads also track its status like as Shortlisted / Rejected / Approved / On Hold etc.

Document Generation

Generate Documents like Appointment Letter / Offer Letters / Confirmation Letter etc. from the system and auto-save them in admin and Employee panel. This process significantly reduces the HR team effort.

Employee Finalization

Add the selected data automatically to Employee Master post the selection of candidate. All the data during the Pre-screening and recruitment stage gets automatically populated in Employee Master Database.

Employee Management Module

Real HCM Employee Management is the central database of your company’s employee information. Complete Information related to employees  is stored and can be accessed from a single location  at the click of a  button. Real HCM responds immediately to management, employee and government requests making HR more visible and valuable to your entire company. All Employee Information like Personal Information, Contact Details, Medical Details, Emergency Contact Details, Experience Details, Salary Details, Job Details and more.

Personal Information

Employee Master, gives you the capability to easily and productively store and utilize all aspects of your employee information. It enables to contact the employee by mail, phone, email.

Job Information

Manage all details related to your organization, manage locations, Branches, Plants, Division, and Department etc. Manage Employee Information within your organization, his transfers, appraisals and performance.

Asset Management

Real HCM manages all assets given to the employee on behalf of your company. From Laptop to data card, Homes to Cars all Organization wide assets can be maintained in the Master and can be tracked employee wise.

Training Management Module

Training management forms a key part of organizational policy, compliance, environmental and quality control frameworks. Real HCM Training Management provides an integrated system to manage training programs across the enterprise. It streamlines and standardizes the process of developing training curricular, planning and implementing training programs.

Create Training

Create various training sessions for your organization. Real HCM  can maintain various training course material, including multi-media, PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and instructor-led courses. It helps in consolidating courses in a central repository for quick reference.

Training Calendar

Administer and organize employee training easier. Real HCM Training Management never loses track of dates, topics, attendees or deadlines. Organize and Set monthly / annual training calendar.


Employees can search training events. Interested employees can sign up for the training with a simple click. Real HCM  will immediately notify the employee via an invitation and the employee can be updated on it.

Training Questionnaire

Trainer can create questionnaire based on the training material or training given to the employees. These questionnaire needs to be answered by the employee post the training is completed. Employees will receive the Test scores immediately post completion of the training.

Training Result

The questionnaire generated by the trainer is processed a test for the employees on the training provided by the trainer. Real HCM  will process the Test results immediately once the test is completed.

Induction And Exit Module

Exit Management Module helps streamline and automate the Exit Management right from the resignation requests, to conducting exit meetings, retaining employees and relieving them. Our Automated clearance process takes Exit Management to a higher level of ease thus helping HR managers to clear Employee formalities faster. Our dashboards helps in understanding the attrition rates and also the reason for employee exits which helps managers to identify and improve their critical areas.

Exit Management

Employees can initiate Exit Process / Resignation within the company, which needs to be Approved by Reporting Manager, once approved the same will be processed for HR Approval.

Automated Asset /Payroll Clearance Process

Admin can initiate the Asset clearance process once the exit formalities are approved. Asset notifications are triggered to respective departments.

Exit Interview Process

Set up questions to be uploaded in the exit questionnaires automatically based on the departments and their period of service. Schedule Exit Interview with Reporting Heads / HOD and Management for exit formalities.

Employee Document Management Module

DMS  allows organizations to completely manage employee documentation. Real HCM can upload employee documents like Passport, Dependent Passport EID Card, Insurance etc. Real HCM also generates documents from the system as per the given document template.Generating Employee documents like Offer Letters , Appointment Letters , Relieving Letters are now possible on a single click.

Document Template

Create Document Template with our Template Editor. Create Documents like Offer Letter, Appointment Letter , Increment Letter etc. These document templates can be easily created with our simple WYSIWYG ( What you see is what you get ) editor.

Document Expiry Alerts

Real HCM can generate documents expiry alerts. The generated documents gets automatically stored in against an Employee’s profile.This helps in managing the documents more effectively.

Time And Attendance Management Module

Time and attendance capturing is a fundamental part of any HR system. It plays an important part in timely payroll preparation. Whether you are a startup with ten employees or a large organization with hundreds of employees, Real HCM time tracker provides you with an easy online Time-Tracking software. The online Check in and Check out features helps employee track time spent on different activities and update it from anywhere and anytime. Our web attendance software works seamlessly with any type of time tracking hardware like biometric devices, RFID, smart cards, etc. If you already have the attendance hardware, we will integrate it with Real HCM and pull all the swipes from the application supplied with your hardware. Now you experience huge difference in the way you manage attendance.

Web Check-In / Check-Out

Mark your attendance while on duty or client place. Online Check in feature allows users to update their status on the go. Real HCM can also track the check in and check out location via GPS.


Auto Attendance Calculation

Regularize your attendance with auto Attendance for Over Time calculation, deductions & Regularization module. Incorrect attendance information will be processed for approvals to HOD / Manager.

Regularization Approval

HOD / Managers need to approve / reject employees regularization requests. The regularization request can be approved from Managers dashboard and Mobile App. Managers are informed via email alerts.

Attendance Calendar

Employees can   view their attendance / Leaves / Holidays / Weekly – Offs on the Attendance Calendar. Real HCM collates your Biometric / Web Check-Ins and Mobile App check-in data and shows it on a calendar.


Attendance Roster

Create Attendance roster for your multi-shift employees. Roster management helps in tracking the exact working hours of an employee with the change in shifts. You can plan employee-wise roster well in advance.

Hardware Integration

Real HCM can be integrated with Biometric Devices / Swiping Card / Face Detection Devices. The data can be imported into Real HCM by excel / csv / flat-file or direct SQL Integration.

Leave Management Module

Leave Management System streamlines communication between HR with employees and facilitates simple yet efficient management of leaves of employee, It speeds up and simplifies your entire leave management process. Can record and monitor all types of leave across your organization: Privilege Leaves, Sick Leaves, Maternity Leaves, Vacation, Training, etc. Analyze absence patterns to help maintain efficiency and reduce lost time. Leave Management enables you to apply for leave online, view leave balances and track all your employee leave information from one central place. Leave transactions of Employees are accurately tracked and leave balances are automatically updated.

 Online Leave Application

Real HCM Empowers your employees and department heads to self-manage leave information. Employees can logon to the Leave Management System and check Leave Balance / Leave History and apply for leaves.

Leave Policies

Manage all leave policies like Leave Accrual, Leave Increment, Leave Encashment, Sandwich Leaves, Carry Forward, Leave Application Policies etc. It can be controlled from Leave Masters.

Leave Configuration

Configure Leave Policies as per your organization rules. Our Configuration panel gives you a robust and dynamic panel for changes in your leave policies.

Travel Management Module

Travel Management caters to streamline and automate the submission and approval of multiple travel types. It focuses on restructuring your company’s present travel management to measure employee participation. Real HCM has an integrated travel and expense solution which helps organizations save time and money spent during every step of the business journey i.e before, during and after the trip. Built-in workflow and travel rules allow managers to quickly and easily approve / reject an employee requisition.

Travel Booking

Book business travel from a broad selection of official policy options. Travel Booking can be routed to HOD / Reportee for Approval.

Travel And Outdoor Approval

Employees can manage domestic and international travel, reserve rental cars and make hotel and rail reservations – all from a single system. All travel and Outdoor approvals needs to be approved by the managers

To Do Task Management

To Do Task Management System Stores, organizes and assigns all the tasks related to your  processes. Tasks and task lists makes it easy to keep your work items organized and manageable with all in centralized and easy-to-access location. Can monitor the status of tasks, assign tasks to members, set task dependencies, send email reminders and track progress of your tasks.

Tasks Dashboard

Project tasks and task lists make it easy to keep your work items organized and manageable. You can manage all tasks, activities, task assignment from a single window. Get a consolidated view of all your open and closed tasks.

Create Tasks

Create tasks or task lists related to an individual process or create recurring task list. Tasks are showcased on user dashboard as Todays Task , Upcoming Task , Pending Task

Assign Tasks

Assign the created tasks from the master to a user or set of users. The assigned tasks with create a notification to the employee and also showcase the same on his dashboard.

Employee Self Service

ESS module is the crux of the entire HRMS application. The ESS module enables and drives every employee in the organization to update his / her claims , Apply for Leaves , mark attendance , view company directory and many more. The Employee Self Service module is available on Web as well as Mobile Application.

Leave Requisition

Employees can logon to the Real HCM Leave Management and check Leave Balance / Leave History and apply for leaves. Real HCM Empowers your employees and department heads to self-manage leave information and apply on behalf of your colleagues.

Claims Requisition

Employees can apply for claims from the web application or Mobile App. Requisition can be made in multiple heads like – Food , Travel , Hotel Expense etc.

Attendance Check-In

Mark your attendance while on duty or client place. Online Check in feature allows users to update their status on the go. Real HCM can also track the check in and check out location via GPS.

Data Updation

Employees can request for data changes on Real HCM incase the provided information is incorrect. The data change requests need to be approved by the Admin team.

User Management Module

User Management is a powerful tool to manage your application users. You can add / edit user information. Mark them as active / inactive in the system. From creating a new employee to editing his personal details , you have all the power to play with user information management module. Real HCM can be integrated with Google Apps , Office365, Active Directory for user authentication. This gives complete control over the application for the IT administration team.

Employee Security

Changing Passwords, restricting access are all now controlled by the admin team. You can enable / disable a user login onto the system for Web or Mobile App login also.

Document Management

Admins can generate documents for employees , be it Offer Letters , Increment Letters or Appointment Letters. You can define your own template and generate documents for employees. Admins can also upload employee previous companies documents , salary slip , relieving letters etc.

Alerts & Notification

Real HCM has a powerful alerts and notification system. Real HCM triggers email alerts on every activity within the system. From employee registration to employee resignation, from employee requisition to Manager’s approval, Real HCM generates an email which keeps the organization connected and collaborated.


Every requisition can be tracked in Real HCM as an alert on the employees / Manager dashboard. Managers can approve or reject a requisition stating its reason for the same. The update can be seen on employee dashboard also.

 Alert Scheduling

Gone are the days to generate report and send it to Heads / HOD / Management for review. With Real HCM report scheduling you can now setup intelligent reminders. System will run the report on the specified date / time and email the report to specified users.

Reports & MIS

Every organization strives for data related to process / employees / payments and payroll. With handful of reports in Real HCM, we are confident that every processed information is part of a report. Our strong reporting engine can generate beautiful reports within no time. These reports can be exported to excel / html / pdf or copied to some other data format. Every report has multiple report filters which helps admin to filter / sort relevant information and use for personal or share with management.

Report Filter

Real HCM report module has multiple filter to generate your most relevant data.Selection and Filters helps Admin to drill down deep within the datasource and process the most relevant report.

Data Export

With Real HCM multiple data export options like Copy / CSV / Excel / PDF and Print , we have now given the user the entire control to export Real HCM data into multiple other systems for further integrations or data processing.