Real HCM’s 360 Feedback Managment helps you conduct independent 360˚ Feedback programs involving reviewers from both within the company & external stakeholders as well

Who can give 360˚ Feedback

Not only seniors, juniors & peers, you can even include external reviewers from your customers, vendors & partners.

Also set limits & rules on feedback providers & who gets to choose who gives feedback to whom.

Design the 360˚ Feedback form

  • You can set various templates on which feedback can be given
  • Feedback forms can have ratings of attributes as well as open ended questions
  • Such forms can be set based on reviewer profile – e.g. A Senior can give 360 feedback on a set of questions that are different from what a junior has to be respond to
  • Forms can be set based on even who is being given feedback to. For example, the questions for feedback on a HR Manager can be different from those for a Sales Manager